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Focus on one emerging Belgian artist, who is invited to exhibit and incorporate one of his works into the permanent rooms of the museum.


Elodie Antoine, Lipstick, 2015 (c) Elodie Antoine, Courtesy Aeroplastics Gallery Brussel


Elodie Antoine lives and works in Brussels. She graduated in 2002 from the sculpture workshop of ENSAV, La Cambre and now works with the Aeroplastics Contemporary Gallery, Brussels. She practices soft sculpture (lace, crochet, sewing, embroidery, felt, mesh), drawing and installation. Her works have been exhibited since 1997 in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Korea.

Antoine was awarded the prize for the young sculptor of the French Community for Small Scale Work in 2002 and the Luxembourg Prize for Visual Arts in 2004. Also, the Marie-Louise Jacques Foundation awarded her the Marc Feuilien in 2014.


Elodie Antoine, Shibori cream, 2015, technique mixte (c) Elodie Antoine, Courtesy Aeroplastics Gallery Brusse


Elodie Antoine invents hybrid objects mixing elements from dissimilar, even contradictory quarters: concrete lipstick, lace nuclear power plants, a culture of embroidered bacilli, felt pipes or quilted fabric plants.

In her installations, an element is repeated until it colonises the space such as textile mushrooms in a forest in Zwalm or ceiling mouldings.  These ordinarily inanimate elements take on a life of their own, contaminating the space like a fungus, a mould, shaking the established order, arousing feelings of curiosity, attraction and repulsion.

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